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Exceptional honeymoon in Northwest Argentina & Iguazu

Itinerary idea for a honeymoon trip in Northwest Argentina and Iguazu in 14 days

An exceptional trip for lovers to discover Buenos Aires, Salta and the Iguazu Falls: their most charming corners, a fauna and flora in all its glory, without forgetting the pleasure of meeting in the most beautiful establishments selected by us. A perfect cocktail for an unforgettable honeymoon!

Length of stay: 14 days

Kind: Honeymoon & Exceptional trips

Fix: For all public

Countries visited: Argentina

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Day 1 : Buenos Aires, international Airport

Transfer with an English-speaking guide.

Night at Casa Calma Hotel in Deluxe.

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Day 2 : City Tour Buenos Aires - Sailing & sunset

Visit Buenos Aires (half day, walking tour).

Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan city with European features, is among the 10 most active cities in the world. City of arts, cultures, theaters, traditions … The variety satisfies the most demanding visitor.

You visit the 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest in the world, dominated by the Obelisk, a symbol of Buenos Aires. You will pass the Colon Theatre, one of the jewels of the Argentine architecture. Then you arrive to the famous or central Plaza de Mayo, next to buildings such as the Casa Rosada or Casa de Gobierno, the Cabildo and the Cathedral.

You end your day with the picturesque neighborhood of La Boca, and specifically the alley El Caminito, the spot for painters, tango dancers and singers.

Return to your hotel after the visit.


At the end of the day, you embark for a trip on the widest river in the world, in front of the Costanera Norte, between Puerto Madero and Olivos, with the impressive buildings of Catalinas, Barrio Norte and Belgrano as a backdrop.

You will enjoy a sunset over the city and the evening light.

*Duration: approximately 4 hours. Departure from Puerto Madero.


*-We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for nautical activities.*

-Includes the sailing boat, bilingual captain, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. Round trip in a private vehicle to the port.


Night at Casa Calma Hotel in Deluxe.

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Day 3 : Buenos Aires - flight to Salta, city tour

Transfer from the hotel to the Buenos Aires Domestic Airport in a private vehicle. Domestic flight Buenos Aires* – Salta.

National o international airport depending on time schedule and availability.* Transfer with an Engish-speaking guide. Half-day walking tour of the city.

Salta, capital of the province of the same name is located at 1187m above sea level at the foot of the San Bernardo peak. The capital of Salta was founded on 16 April 1582 by Hernando de Lerma. The houses of colonial style rub shoulders with modern buildings. From the historical buildings, you will visit the cathedral dating from the 19th century and the Cabildo which houses the picturesque Historical Museum of the North.

You climb to the Cerro San Bernardo to enjoy a panoramic view of Salta.

Then you discover the recent and very interesting MAAM museum (Museo Archelogia de Alta Montaña) which exhibits mummies found at more than 6000 meters above sea level.

*Note: Maam Museum closed on Mondays.* Excursion performed with an english speaking guide.


Night at the Kkala Hotel in Deluxe room.

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Day 4 : Salta - Cuesta del Obispo - NP Los Cardones - Cachi

Departure to Cachi, located at 2200masl, at 157km from Salta.

We drive through spectacular landscapes such as those offered by the Piedra del Molino mountain pass at 3,600 meters, the Quebrada de Escoipe, a deep gorge where the green of the woods contrasts with the ochre of the soil on the bare mountains of “Cuesta del Obispo” and Los Cardones National Park composed of stark expanses scattered with candelabrum-shaped cacti…

Cachi is a tranquil Andean native village featuring low-whitewashed houses and the San José Church with its sculpted roof of cactus-wood dating back to the eighteenth century. We visit the small archaeological museum which has a wonderful collection of pre-Inca and Inca ceramics, especially those pertaining to the Santa María culture.

We head to La Paya Ruins. It is an important site, with many ring walls, circular stone tombs and the place known as the Casa Morada del Inca, a separate building from the rest, apparently built as a transit station in the Inca Trail.

We return to Cachi where we will spend the night.

Night in La Merced del Alto en double room with view of the patio.

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Day 5 : Cachi - Molinos - Quebrada de las Flechas - Cafayate

Departure by vehicle to reach the small village of Molinos, which dates back to 1659 and has a majestic church, and the elegant farmhouse of Isasmendi, the last governor of the city of Salta.

You leave Molinos and drive to Cafayate through the majestic “Quebrada de las Flechas”, surrounded by a mysterious lunar landscape. White dunes announce the proximity of Cafayate, the most important town in the Calchaquies valleys, whose economy is based on the wine industry.

Visit the wine museum (closed on Mondays) and wine tasting in the evening.

Note: 165km, 138 km of which are track, about 5 hours of travel time.

Night in the Patios de Cafayate Hotel – Sepulveda Room with view on the patios.

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Day 6 : Cafayate - Quilmes Ruins - Cafayate

Departure from Cafayate to reach the archaeological site of Quilmes, an ancient fortified bastion from the Inca period which housed up to 3000 people, resisting the Spanish evangelisation and then the military conquest. The city, with its labyrinthine structure, was built in floors on the sides of a hill. Visit of the site (1h)

*100 kms for a 2 hour journey*

On the way back to Cafayate we recommend you to have lunch at the Piattelli bodega famous for its gourmet restaurant and the view over the entire valley.

This afternoon of rest and relaxation will also include a visit to the bodega and tasting of red, rosé and white wines: the organic bodega Nanni or Bodega Porvenir (centre), the bodega Jose L. Mounier (5 km from Cafayate), and the bodega San pedro de Yacochuya (6 km from Cafayate).

Night in Patios de Cafayate Hotel – Sepulveda Room with view on the patios.

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Day 7 : Cafayate - Quebrada de la Conchas - Salta

We travel to Salta through the “Quebrada de las Conchas” which undoubtedly offers the visitor one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Northwest of Argentina, with its imposing semi-desert mountains featuring multi-colored rock formations sculpted by erosion. A century-old sight conceived by nature for our benefit!

Arriving in Salta during the day.

*Note: a 191km (119mi) trip lasting approximately 2h20 minutes.* Installation at the Estancia House of Jasmines.

Enjoy a hundred hectares, just for you, which you can discover on foot or by mountain bike among the plants of Jasmines.

Take time for your well-being. On the programme :

– Heated outdoor swimming pool

– Stroll in the Roseraie and the Vegetable Garden

– Hiking

– Mountain-bike rides

– Spa

Overnight at the Estancia House of Jasmines in Junior Suite room. Dinner included

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Day 8 : Tren to the Clouds - Salinas grandes - Purmamarca

We ride in a private vehicle along the railway tracks of the famous “Tren de las Nubes” and head first for Salinas Grandes and then for Purmamarca.

We leave Salta (1,200masl) and after a 166km (104mi) ride, we arrive in San Antonio de los Cobres at 3,774masl.

We then stop to visit Santa Rosa de Tastil (3,200masl) and the pre-Inca site which dates back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries AD (a half-hour walk, approximately).

Later, we stop in San Antonio de los Cobres. Surrounded by mountains with virtually no vegetation, this wind swept village and its low buildings give an impression of remoteness. We visit the small museum dedicated to the highest railway-track in the world. Countless pictures describe its construction in the 1930s: what a saga!

As we follow our road, we reach a vast white expanse of land which contrasts against the pure blue of the sky. We are now in the very midst of one of the largest salt deserts in Argentina (1,200 sq. km), Salinas Grandes.

As we drive along a winding dirt track for a few miles, we reach the Lipán Mountain Pass, located at 4,170masl and later the last stop of the day’s tour: Purmamarca, “the Holy Land” in Aymara language. This little town is renowned for its seven-colored mountain, “Cerro de los Siete Colores”, a mineral rainbow.

*Note: during the rainy season, between November and March, the access to the Salinas Grandes might become virtually impossible.* Night at the Manantial del Silencio in a standard room.

Night in the Manantial del Silencio Hotel, in a Suite room.

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Day 9 : Tilcara - Humahuaca - Hornocal Mt

A quiet day-start to enjoy the Cerro de los 7 Colores and the village of Purmamarca.

Departure by private vehicle to hit the Andean road, arrive after twenty kilometres to Pucará Tilcara, a pre-Hispanic Omaguaca village founded over 900 years ago. We visit the village and the remarkable collection housed in its museum including mummies, funeral vases, jewellery and other objects found in archaeological sites in the Northwest of Argentina.

We continue north to Humahuaca, located at 2940masl, one of the most important trade centres in times of the Vice Regency of Peru. From Humahuaca, you continue to a view point at 4.350 m above sea level. The viewpoint can be reached by car and it is from there that the best panoramic views of Hornocal Mountain can be obtained.

Serranía del Hornocal is a geological formation that stands out for its great variety of colours: it is known as the 14-coloured mountain, Cerro de los 14 Colores.

Return to Purmamarca.

Night in the Manantial del Silencio Hotel, in a Suite room.

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Day 10 : Purmamarca - Salta

Quiet morning to enjoy the Cerro de los Siete Colores.

Lunch in the village of Purmamarca.

In the early afternoon, we drive to the salteña capital via the paved road through San Salvador de Jujuy. Here we can have a tour of the Huacalera Chapel dating from 1655 and restored in 1944.

Night at the Kkala Hotel in Deluxe room.

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Day 11 : Flight Salta - Iguazu

Transfer from your hotel to Salta’s airport in a private vehicle. Domestic flight Salta – Iguazu. Transport from Puerto Iguazu’s airport to your hotel in a private vehicle.

Night at the Loi Suites Iguazu hotel in Studio Junior room (STD).

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Day 12 : Iguazu National Park, Argentinean side

Departure to the Iguazú National Park, 18 km from the city centre. Walk along the lower and upper footbridges in the Devil’s Gorge. The Iguazu falls in the Misiones province are always beyond the expectation and the imagination of the visitors. It is often said that the falls are to be admired from the Brazilian side but experienced in the Argentinean side. A complete tour should thus include both sides of the falls. They are formed by a 70 meters drop in the elevation of the Iguazu River with 275 falls.

The first day of the tour is dedicated to the Argentinean side where the falls can be seen from various viewing, you can admire falls such as Bosetti, Mbigua and San Martin. We will continue with the lower circuit to observe the Dos Hermanas falls and the San Martin Island.

In the afternoon, the tour goes to the Garganta del Diablo circuit with a viewing point in front of the superb and powerful fall, over 150 meters long and 80 meters high. This impressive wonder is surrounded with a thick mist which is one of the biggest attractions of the National Park. The park does not only feature this stunning landscape but also an intense wildlife and flora.

Note: Please remember to take light waterproof clothing along. The Big Adventure tour included (1h20) :

Great Adventure combines in a single trip the very essence of Iguazu National Park: the jungle and the waterfalls.

Departing from the Operative Center or from the Visitors’ Center, we shall enter the jungle by the Yacaratiá trail in trucks specially designed for this environment. Bilingual guides (Spanish and English) will introduce the place’s natural and cultural resources.

This 5 km long stretch ends at Puerto Macuco. At this dock, visitors shall board on the boats that shall be sailing in the Lower Iguazu River for as long as 6 km, heading towards the waterfalls area, enjoying plentiful rapids.

Upon reaching the Tres Mosqueteros Fall, visitors shall be able to see the falls of both the Argentine and Brazilian sides crowned by the view of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Afterwards, the most exciting point comes when facing the incomparable San Martín waterfall, the second in dimension and the hugest any boat may face.

At the end of the trip, we shall descend from the boat on the dock located in front of the San Martín Island, where visitors may continue enjoying the landscape joining the runways system of the Lower Circuit.

This excursion can also be made in the opposite direction: from the San Martín dock to the Visitors’ Center.

*Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes.*

*Difficulty: 150 meter staircase and 2km of white waters*


Night at the Loi Suites Iguazu hotel in Studio Junior room (STD).

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Day 13 : Iguazu NP, Brazilian side - Buenos Aires, tango show

Departure to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. The 1,200 meters circuit takes the visitor along footbridges and viewing decks to admire the minor Floriano and Teodoro Da Fonseca falls and finally, the Santa María falls, from where the panorama onto Island San Martín and the entirety of the falls is absolutely breathtaking.

Note: from mid-October to mid-February, Brazil is one hour ahead of Argentina (daylight saving time). Transfer from the hotel to the airport in a private vehicle. Helicopter flight:

You gain height to get a breathtaking view of the majestic Iguazu Falls. Unique experience!

(tour time: 10 minutes). Domestic flight Iguazu – Buenos Aires*.

National o international airport depending on time schedule and availability.* Welcoming at Buenos Aires domestic airport and transfer to the hotel in private vehicle. Birds Park tour included (1h) :

The Parque das Aves is an essential tour for visitors of Foz do Iguassu, located near the Cataratas do Iguassu, beside the Iguassu National Park. In the Parque das Aves you will experience a direct contact with more than 1020 birds from about 150 different species. There are 16.5 hectares of lush Atlantic Rainforest maintained to provide the best habitat for our animals.

This is a tour like no other. It is a unique and unforgettable experience in which you will find amazing birds from all four corners of Brazil and from various parts of the world, many of them endangered. Enter our immersion aviaries to feel the beat of wings from vibrant macaws and look into the eyes of a toucan.

There is plenty to feel and enjoy – beauty is everywhere and that is what motivates us every day to work for the preservation of our fauna and flora. We take into our care birds that are no longer in condition to continue living in nature and keep them in an environment where they can live happily.

You are an essential part of this project. All you need to do to help preserve it is to enter into the experience with all your senses. In the ultra-modern district of Puerto Madero, within the walls of the FAENA Hotel, designed by Philippe Starck, you will find Rojo Tango.

A true cabaret, it is a privileged place to taste the sensual and passionate essence of Tango. The dancers, with their highly sought-after costumes, brush past you in a show of the highest level, accompanied by an orchestra in tune with the music.

Finally, the gastronomy honours the Argentinean cuisine, accompanied by quality wines and champagne.

Night at the Faena Hotel Buenos Aires in Park View room (STD).

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Day 14 : Buenos Aires, international airport

Transfer from the hotel to Ezeiza International Airport in a private vehicle.

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