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Discover our agency specialising in Northwest Argentina. For trekking and expedition in the sumptuous landscapes of the Andes Cordillera in Argentina but also in Chile and Bolivia.

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Our team terra altiplano local travel agency northwest argentina Salta

After more than 15 years spent in Latin America (Chile, Argentina and Nicaragua), I packed my bags with my family in Salta. Sporty and adventurous by nature, Salta is now my new playground!

Good plan of a local

The many walks in the surroundings of Salta and more precisely in San Lorenzo where our agency is located, in the heart of lush vegetation!

My favourite place

Puna Salteña and Catamarqueña and the surrounding area of Tolar Grande.

My guilty pleasure

El cabrito, grilled kid accompanied by a good quinoa salad and a Malbec from Bodega Colomé.

WOW! What impresses you the most in your country

The wide open spaces around Road 40! Or you may find yourself off the beaten track!

our team tailor-made travel agency terra Altiplano

Chilean by origin and Argentina by adoption. I have been following Antoine’s adventures since 2008. Argentina, Nicaragua and finally Salta where a new adventure awaits us!

Good plan of a local

Stroll through the San Miguel market in the centre of Salta to choose from local fruit, vegetables and spices.

My favourite place

The Quebrada de Humahuaca and especially Tilcara for its traditional and festive side.

My guilty pleasure

Tamales, the typical dishes of the North-West based on corn and meat, accompanied by a flan of dulce de leche for dessert!

WOW! What impresses you the most in your country

The good mood and the kindness of the locals!

terra altiplano local travel agency northwest argentina

I became attached to South America during my first trip to Chile in 2008. Several years later I flew to Buenos Aires and then to Salta “la linda” where I fell in love with it!

Good tips of a local

La Casona del Molino, this peña where you can get caught up in the music, dance and local folklore.

My favourite place

The gentle way of life of Cafayate and the Jujeña jungle north of Salta.

My guilty pleasure

The Salteñas empanadas, reputed to be the best in the country, the Humitas dulces (a dish made with goat cheese and corn) . All of this is accompanied by a Torrontés wine from the Calchaquies Valleys.

WOW! What impresses you the most in your country

The diversity of the landscapes of the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, where in just a few hours you can go from the lush jungle to the deep valleys of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, not forgetting the desert landscapes of the high plateaus in the Puna.

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